Draining activities.

Recently, a young chap put out a call for help online. He’d dropped his car key down the drain outside of the launderette and was desperate to retrieve it before his girlfriend found out and he’d have to pay a fortune to get it replaced. I answered his Facebook distress signal, mainly because it sounded […]

Under the bonnet…

This is going to sound fairly arrogant but I am it… I speak the truth, I am it. There’s a game in which I have become an unwilling competitor and I have been tagged as “it” more times than is generally good for me and I need to explain… You’re probably going to think that […]

Dangerous Rolf

I almost got run over by Rolf Harris…..twice. Two separate occasions and several miles apart. Once in Orpington…..I wasn’t watching where I was going and he was speeding towards me. His mouth made the classic “Oh, NO!” shape but he missed. The next time was a couple of weeks later. I was crossing the road […]

It’s not my bag…

Today, I spent rather a long time sitting with an 81 year old Scotsman. This happens to me once a week at this point in my life and I have to say that I will never get used to the smell of this chap. I can’t quite put into words the way that he stinks […]

Lunch time!

There’s not much that I like more in this World that the short phrase, “It’s lunch time!” It’s my favourite meal of the day and my smile is broadest when there’s a sandwich and crisps in the offing. Obviously, there will have to be a fizzy drink of some sort to wash it all down […]

Poll Vault

It’s not often that I feel actually nauseous when I see a politician in the media. Often, it’s just anger or bewilderment that I feel but when I see May on the BBC with her lies, trickery and robotic catchphrases, I feel a swell of sickness. This awful woman has called an election that she […]

Charity insanity.

Just over the last few months, I have been working on a voluntary basis in a local charity shop down in the stock room. I sort through mountains of tatty old clothes and things in order to make a few bob for the welfare of animals. It’s not the most stimulating thing that I could […]