The excitement of colour.

I was just sitting here wondering what on Earth I ought to be typing about, when I looked out of the window and saw that the trees were the very same colour as the bricks of the vicarage across the road from me. “How delightful”, I thought as I clacked my tongue and raised an […]

Testing times.

Many is the time that I get asked why I like the Test Card so much. “It’s boring… doesn’t do anything. Why do you want to watch it all the time?” The thing is, I don’t want to watch it all the time. I very rarely actually “watch” it but when I do, I see […]

Oh, nadgers.

So, there you have it. Don Trump has just become President and there’s absolutely nothing that we can do about it. It feels a little bit like the World has developed a rather nasty disease and in a somewhat embarrassing place. It’s astonishing really…I ran out of hope in about 2011 and although I feel […]

Dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner…

Who is going to fix this broken World that we live on? We actually HAVE super villains these days. They are real and clownish but as deadly as Lex Luthor  and The Penguin on an “Evil Boys Day Out!” in Margate. We have Trump with his outrageous hair and his dreadful bigoted views, trampling everyone […]


So, here we are, in the middle of a couple of million other blogs, thinking that this one will be read by anyone at all. This is like an ant on a football pitch. It’s out there and the patch of grass on which it scuttles can be seen on BBC One (except for viewers […]


I used to work in Harrods… Many people have asked me what it was like working there and they often assume that every day was sprinkled with magic and wonder mainly because it’s the World’s most famous department store. It certainly was an unusual place to work and there’s nowhere quite like it but the […]

Different wavelengths

It’s been a year since I qualified as an amateur radio operator. I have my licence and I am entitled to speak with people around the World using very basic equipment. I have long held an interest in radio and I used to listen to my little yellow transistor radio under my pillow until well […]