Today’s earworm…

The human brain is a strange entity. When you need to get on with something and that something demands a great deal of thought and concentration, the brain decides to pop on a playlist of classic theme tunes, nursery rhymes, naff pop songs from days of yore and that tune that you attempted to write […]

Tea up!

I have in my possession a box of Quick Brew tea. It’s 44 years old and has never been opened. I assume that it is in a sealed foil packet but I haven’t so much as pried the box apart to have a peek. I reckon that it’s going to be awful and yet I […]

Scandal of the vandal…

There’s a sense of abandonment in the air at the moment. A feeling that the past is expendable, regardless of whether it actually was a force for good and a sense that progress can only be made by destroying strong, sound structures and replace them with ill advised and utterly temporary fixtures that can neither […]


I am sitting here, having looked at a blank screen for some time, trying to think about a subject that I could write about. It’s not as if I have led a dull life. Far from it, I have travelled extensively, I have a fairly eclectic taste in music, I have met many odd and […]

Stuff that shouldn’t happen.

Every now and again, I am left scratching my head as to why things have to go wrong¬† in such surreal ways. For example, this morning, I decided to pop a few MP3s onto my player for the long and exceptionally cold walk that I was going to take. A simple task, you might think […]

Death of a podcast.

For quite a few years now, I have been putting out a series of podcasts and curios… I have been fairly proud of them, some more so than others, and I enjoyed the creative experience. I revamped the format a few times when I thought that it might be getting a little stale and I […]

Kenneth Candle.

I’ve been around a bit and I have travelled to several amazing lands. Whilst I enjoy travel and seeing new things and experiencing what the local cultures have to offer, I’m not a very good tourist. I don’t feel the need to spend a fortune in those odd little gift shops and the very deepest […]