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It’s not often that I feel actually nauseous when I see a politician in the media. Often, it’s just anger or bewilderment that I feel but when I see May on the BBC with her lies, trickery and robotic catchphrases, I feel a swell of sickness. This awful woman has called an election that she will win, not by being the best candidate but by simply being the blandest.
She’s saying nothing and doing as little as she can get away with and hiding behind the nasty “little Britain” flag waving tripe of “brexit” pride. She’s certainly not a strong leader. She sways in the breeze until her team finds a way to win the hearts and votes of a bored and boring electorate.
She will then be installed in Number Ten without much of a contest and she will then be at the top of a true one party state. Further elections will be pointless because the Tories have conquered the land with a beige evil and a camouflaged contempt for the poor and the needy.
Her voice, her face and her grimace are your future now but please, don’t grow accustomed to it. Don’t blithely allow her free reign over your life and that of your family. It’s time to get angry. Vote against her and at the very least, you can say that you tried.

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