Time and tide…

I have fond memories of a time when music, food and fun were in excess. When life bumped along like a child’s balloon in the wind. Going out was all that there was to do and every night was both late and loud. I recall this very well and seems like it was just a few weeks ago.

However, I just found some pages from an old newspaper.

They were brown and crumbly, rather like parchment. They were fragile and decayed. I was interested to see the date on them and so I rustled around in order to find a piece which wasn’t so badly destroyed by the passing of time. Would it be the 1960s or perhaps the 70s? No, in fact it was 1995. I stared at the date for a brief moment or two. I needed to take in some fairly important facts. My history is now brown, worn out and crumpled. That would explain the slightly unfamiliar face that’s appeared in the mirror in more recent times. The moral is and must always be: Don’t let life just slip away from you. You only get one “Now” but you get a great many more of “Then.”


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