What a year! I mean, really….so much evil and uncomfortable stuff happened that I can barely express my exhaustion at the relentless turmoil and frustration!

We have seen the rise of blatant and deliberate lying as a means to gain power. Not the old fashioned covert version of lies but genuine, in your face, couldn’t care less lies that have spread hatred and division across most of the Western World. Britain is leaving the E.U. and the whole campaign was won on reckless fabrication and hate-mongering. I can scarcely believe just how easily led and deeply gullible the people of the UK actually are. They have fallen for the line spun by the very rich and out of touch braying toffs that they are “anti-establishment” and “for the working person.” These toffs used to burn £50 notes in front of homeless  people for a laugh. They couldn’t care less whether you live or die until they require your vote. Once they have your vote, you are no longer of use to them and you go back to being invisible and inaudible. The biggest and most sickening example of this has been the rise of Trump. He lied, he cheated, conned and mocked the poor of the USA and they actually voted for him to become the President. Here is a man who has failed over and over again at everything that he has  attempted in business and who has no actual experience of being a politician. Not even as a local councilor. A man who takes the piss out of disabled people. A man who thinks that women are just there for his personal gratification. A man who has never had to fight for anything at all. He’s the President of the United States of America. Simply because his lies were shameless and backed with millions of dollars. The lies became truth and the truth is, we’re screwed.

All of this comes from what they are calling “Post-truth” politics but surely that just means “loud lying”? All you need these days is a lie and an internet connection and you are suddenly “a news service.” It’s ridiculous. If I told a few massive whoppers, I could convince people of any old nonsense. I once told some Americans online that in the UK, we use ham as a sticking plaster which heals into the skin a bit like a cheap skin graft. They believed me. I told them that I was going to have my skull dyed blue so that it would “show through my skin.” They asked where they could have it done. The online World is dangerous and you have got to try to sort out the real from the fake. It all might seem a little too late now that everything seems to have been ruined but we need to start the reversal of fortune right now. Let’s try, shall we, to spread the truth out there and to rake the bullshit into the ground where it belongs. 


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