Getting away from myself.

When I was a kid, I really wanted a microscope. I had visions in my head of whirling Worlds of tiny creatures, spinning and darting around in a drop of water or watching the platelets in a pinprick of blood, as they collided and hurried around in their life giving missions. I was absolutely ecstatic to receive a “spy pen” for my ninth birthday which incorporated a microscope, a telescope and a signalling light to send messages to my fellow spies in the Peckham area. I just knew that this was going to be the ultimate good fun item and I decided to start exploring new frontiers of microscopic and telescopic wonderment.

I headed out into the garden and picked a blade of grass. Under the microscope, I was able to discern the individual strands which were interlocked and which made the grass grow tall and green. I took a few grains of sand from a building site and studied the now seemingly large rocks on my fingertip. They were square and they were jagged, shining like diamonds and as dull as a moron. They were incredible to my eye and I studied them every which way with an eye as sharp as an old jeweller’s. A whole new plane of existence had opened up for me in which the small had become large and the large had become redundant. Cotton was like rope, bread was a soft moon and mud was as large as the landscape. Until, I decided to check out an ant. I placed my finger down on the ground and that ant raced onto my fingertip and I placed the microscope down around it, trapping it in a World of scrutiny. I lowered my eye to the eyepiece and gazed at the MONSTER! This thing! This devil with bug eyes and lashing antennae. It gnashed and clacked and stood swinging it’s feelers around like a Martian on a chariot. What was once a tickly dot was now a brutal foe with hate for humanity and vicious intent. You can be sure that I flicked that creature as far from me as I could and as my blood ran cold, I swore that I’d never look so deeply into the eyes of my nemesis again. Such horror! Anyway, I never put another ant under my microscope again. I’m not that foolhardy, you know.


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