I was thinking about science fiction this evening. It has played a low to moderate part in my adult life and I’m extremely glad to say that my own concession to dressing up as a character from an imagined World of mutant and alien heroes, is my Superman onesie. It is warm, zips right up and has a bloody big “S” on the front. It’s not been onesie weather lately but it’s on the way and I will wear it with limited pride. However, it’s not Superman nor any of his excellent crime busting chums who really intrigue me. I am more interested in a chap who has a fine set of eyebrows, a terrible hair cut and a set of ears that I spent much of my formative years attempting to cultivate for myself.

Spock. Good old Mr Spock. His raised eyebrow. His interest in what is going on. His ability to send you to the floor with a nerve pinch and an orchestral stab. Despite his reputation as a bit of a cold dude with a scientific attitude, he was a funny fellow and came out with some witty one-liners that would earn him a hi-five in any pub in the Deptford area. We’ve seen him looking reasonably good with a beard, as a fairly convincing Nazi and as a racially dubious Chinese man. I have to admit that I always found it rather disturbing when he did something out of character such as laughing, screaming or singing. The fact that when he is in his right mind, you never get to see his teeth is something that I can get behind and enjoy. Spock under pressure puts me ill at ease. I have to reach for happier times when he’s playing his Lute or a tricky game of 3-D chess. He’s an outsider, a man of peace and a thinker. We could do with a few Spocks in positions of power these days. Things would be done for the good of the people and not for self-aggrandisement . It seems that World leaders would rather take their cue from Khan and we will all feel their wrath over the next few years. So, there we are. I’m hoping for a Spock onesie for a future birthday or Christmas and I shall spend 2017 pinching the tops of my ears again to try to get them pointy enough for our Vulcan chum.

Yeah, I like Spock and if he was real, I reckon that we’d get along just fine.  


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