Oh, nadgers.

So, there you have it. Don Trump has just become President and there’s absolutely nothing that we can do about it. It feels a little bit like the World has developed a rather nasty disease and in a somewhat embarrassing place. It’s astonishing really…I ran out of hope in about 2011 and although I feel sick to my very ghost with the result, I sort of knew that the outcome would be the very polar opposite of what I would want it to be.

When I look at the two people who were running in the contest, I couldn’t help but feel as if it was a race between Evil Mayor McCheese and Sandi Toksvig’s stunt double. Nobody was going to do well out of an election that fronts people like these but now, everyone, and that includes the people who voted for Don Trump, will suffer. He is only in it for one thing and that is the further glorification of his own legend. 

I think that Mrs Clinton may have missed a real trick in the campaign. If she’d made a promise to seal Don in amber and then display him on a big turntable in Times Square, she may have just about taken the prize for herself. That was very short sighted of her and she ought to have words with her people about it. That is, of course, if Don doesn’t stick her in prison. It’s his “amber equivalent” and that’s just one of the reasons why he won. Oh, and the fact that lots of people really like racism and sexism. 

So, now we have to settle down and see how much of his unpleasant and downright bizarre manifesto will be implemented. By my reckoning, if some of his ludicrous promises are not kept, he will be dealing with a great many angry and confused bigots who just want the simple pleasure of abusing people with darker skin than they have. T’ain’t much to ask, Bubba.


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