Dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner…

Who is going to fix this broken World that we live on? We actually HAVE super villains these days. They are real and clownish but as deadly as Lex Luthor  and The Penguin on an “Evil Boys Day Out!” in Margate. We have Trump with his outrageous hair and his dreadful bigoted views, trampling everyone in his path and threatening to sue anyone who disagrees with anything that he says. I suspect that he’d much rather just drop nuclear bombs on his opponents but that’s currently against the law. I’m not certain just how long it will be against the law but right now, it’s verboten, Mate. We have Farage with his pint and his ciggies, marching around destroying the peace of the Nation and persuading his army of nincompoops to pull us out of Europe whilst he happily rakes in European cash as an MEP and loudly insults anyone who disagrees with him.

Ye Gods and small fishes, I just cannot understand how these people, these rich swines, have managed to tag themselves as radical outsiders and on the side of the working classes. They are the “rich and out of touch elite” that they purport to despise. They have pulled the most extraordinary feats of political prestidigitation that I have ever seen and so many good people have fallen for it. It’s bizarre and wrong and very much in keeping with the evil narrow time/ doom vortex of 2016.

So, we can only now hope for one thing: We need Batman to emerge. Batman, with his fast car and sharp little batarang.  We need Batman, a millionaire lunatic with deep seated family issues to come along and smite these villains. It’s the only thing that would make sense in this crazy and cartoonish situation that we find ourselves in. I suspect that we’d get a lousy Batman who be unmasked as Richard Branson or Ed Balls. Worse still, it could be Danny Baker.

Damn it, Robin…


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