Sitting in the park.

So, I was sitting in the park the other day, when a Dad and his two young children came along and started boisterously enjoying the Autumn sunshine. The girl was about five and the boy must have been two at the most. The girl rolled down the hill to the applause of her American hipster dad and the boy….well, he seemed to be happily chewing something. Something that he found….the dad asked what he was eating and the girl said, “HE’S FOUND SOME POO! HE’S EATING IT! HE SMELLS LIKE A BUM BUM!” The dad panicked. “What are you……hey, put it down! You can’t eat that! No! It’s too bad! Oh, no! Stop it! Mommy’s coming….look.” I sat and chuckled happily to myself. It was very entertaining.


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