Office head.

They sit in offices. Probably not because they want to but nobody told them how to do anything else. They have telephones and they keep ringing and someone says something to them and they say that they will do “that.” No problem and then they don’t because they have one of those little “Zen gardens” to push around with a paperclip. The clip comes from an untidy furl and if it was any tidier, they might get something done about it but that’s by the wayside when you think about it. The window looks out onto a crossing and the hope is that someone will get splashed with water or beeped into a scream by a car. It makes the hands of the clock turn a little faster but not nearly enough to make it into the shape which says that you can go home. The thing that needs to be done gets forgotten and “I want a word with you” will become the first thing that you hear tomorrow and the last thing that you want to hear this week.

I wish that they would do the thing that needs doing.


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