Pop tones.

Today, I have visited several charity shops in London Road, Brighton. The array of affordable goodies is astonishing. If you so desire, you can look like a trainee pimp circa 1974 or Lady Barking-Madly. I have seen boots that would certainly cripple you in the long term but get you some of whatever floats your boat in the short term. Glassware, arse wear, fancy stuff and hats. For me, the most interesting stuff is collected in the CD racks.

I like to look through people’s cast off collections of music and it consists, for the main part, of whatever was popular about two to three years ago. I saw a great many albums by Il Divo, a group who took the place in the UK’s heart where people like Robson and Jerome used to nestle. Now, they line up along the shelf of the Heart Foundation shops and in the Scope shop. Unwanted now and selling for 99p each.

I noticed a fair few One Direction CDs and a jigsaw puzzle. They looked faded, as a young heart became jaded and discovered real emotion outside that of a PR person’s remit to sell anything with an image of the boys on the cover. Before much longer, they will be an embarrassing memory to some and further yet down the line, there will be a reunion and the nostalgia market will welcome them with open arms and eager wallets.

Nothing lasts too long these days. Musical revolution seems as dated as the dreadful shirts in the windows of the Oxfam shop where I idly leafed through the old records.The iPod/ Apple turnover is fast and frenetic. Soon, the next fresh faced chaps will be smiling inanely at a rack of cheap and nasty jumpers for sale at an affordable price to help finance cancer research. Now, I wonder how I’d look in a fedora?


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