Under the bonnet…

This is going to sound fairly arrogant but I am it… I speak the truth, I am it. There’s a game in which I have become an unwilling competitor and I have been tagged as “it” more times than is generally good for me and I need to explain… You’re probably going to think that […]

Dangerous Rolf

I almost got run over by Rolf Harris…..twice. Two separate occasions and several miles apart. Once in Orpington…..I wasn’t watching where I was going and he was speeding towards me. His mouth made the classic “Oh, NO!” shape but he missed. The next time was a couple of weeks later. I was crossing the road […]

It’s not my bag…

Today, I spent rather a long time sitting with an 81 year old Scotsman. This happens to me once a week at this point in my life and I have to say that I will never get used to the smell of this chap. I can’t quite put into words the way that he stinks […]

Lunch time!

There’s not much that I like more in this World that the short phrase, “It’s lunch time!” It’s my favourite meal of the day and my smile is broadest when there’s a sandwich and crisps in the offing. Obviously, there will have to be a fizzy drink of some sort to wash it all down […]

Poll Vault

It’s not often that I feel actually nauseous when I see a politician in the media. Often, it’s just anger or bewilderment that I feel but when I see May on the BBC with her lies, trickery and robotic catchphrases, I feel a swell of sickness. This awful woman has called an election that she […]

Charity insanity.

Just over the last few months, I have been working on a voluntary basis in a local charity shop down in the stock room. I sort through mountains of tatty old clothes and things in order to make a few bob for the welfare of animals. It’s not the most stimulating thing that I could […]

Time and tide…

I have fond memories of a time when music, food and fun were in excess. When life bumped along like a child’s balloon in the wind. Going out was all that there was to do and every night was both late and loud. I recall this very well and seems like it was just a […]